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Amazing Hair Tape Extensions
Amazing Hair Tape Extensions

Amazing Hair Australia Tape Extensions use the most advanced materials to secure the extensions to your  natural hair with a super fine and gentle tape application. When applied correctly the extensions are totally undetectable and are extremely natural looking.

Each strand is hand applied to a purpose designed double sided tape that is ultra thin and nearly transparent.

Made from a unique blend of European and Mongolian 100% REMY
human hair, Amazing Hair Tape Extensions are superior quality and are consistently silky and smooth.

Suitable for all hair types.

The lifespan of the extensions is 1 year (with re-application every 6 weeks) with correct application and proper care.

Product Benefits:

Quick and easy application (as quick as 30 minutes for a full head)
Gentle on the hair
Creates a very natural look
Seamless application
Can be re-used
12, 20 & 24 inch lengths
Extensive colour range

Sustainable Salon
Sustainable Salon

Your visit to Zebu Hair supports our Sustainable Salon commitment to:

  •  Reduce our ecological footprint
  •  Achieve zero waste
  •  Support charitable causes
  •  Implement environmentally sustainable practices

What does this mean for you?

  • Your cut of hair will support charitable causes such as oil spill clean up projects, local community gardens and charitable wig making services
  • All the proceeds gained from recycling the salon’s metals such as foils, colour tubes, cans, etc will be donated to not for profit community based organisations that do a killer job helping humanity every day
  • Any leftover hair colour will be recycled into new liquids for beauty products
  • Once our tools (used to style your beautiful mane) reach their end of life they will be broken down and all valuable parts will be re-purposed

So, it’s beautifully simple. Each time you visit our Sustainable Salon you will look good, feel good and now also do good.

On Sunday 23rd of September at a glamorous ceremony in Paris’ Club L’ARC, Tamika Stavroulis of Zebu Hair in McKinnon Victoria, life was changed. In front of an audience of 800 people, Tamika took out the global award in the cut category of the LA BIOSTHETIQUE International Beauty Stylist Awards. Tamika competed against 12 other stunning cut entrants from around the world.

At just 22 years of age and already the Manager of Zebu Hair, Tamika has been a hair and makeup artist for 5 years now and is no newbie to the international competition. Tamika has participated in the Beauty Stylist Awards for the last three years, since it was first started in Australia. In 2010, she was in the top 5 of the Australian entrants. The following year, Tamika placed again in the top 5 for her entries in both the cut and colour categories respectively with her colour entry receiving a highly commended from the judges. This year Tamika was crowned the Australian winner for her cut entry which then took her on to Paris to compete against the other top 11 cut winners from across the world.

Tamika’s prize for winning the global competition was to attend a workshop and professional photoshoot with the world renowned International Creative Director Alexander Dinter. One of Germany’s stylist elite, Alexander Dinter is Creative Director of the international LA BIOSTHETIQUE Artistic Team. He has a multi-faceted talent and a clearly defined cutting style while his work defines trends and creates cool. His creations can be found in glossy magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Instyle, Gala Trends and Viktor Mag just to name a few. Tamika said “The workshop with Alexander Dinter was a great experience to see how a talented Director works. I had to cut and style a model according to a mood board that was created with all the latest looks.

“It was really great having the opportunity to work with a colourist, makeup artist and also a stylist. It has been a once in a lifetime experience which has put my career into focus and makes all my hard work worthwhile.”

Tamika said that the concept and idea standing behind her winning look was that she wanted to create a timeless look that is classic and current. “I loved using strong lines throughout my cut which shows a beautiful mixture of light and shade.” She also said that “the International Beauty Stylist competition is something I love participating in. I love creating artwork! Photoshoots give me a chance to show my creative side. I really enjoy collaborating the hair, makeup, styling and photography together and finally looking back at the finished shots and being proud of the end result. It gives me and other stylists the opportunity to see the great work that other hairstylist’s create each year”.

Tamika said “In the past I have entered into numerous competitions which I used to build up my skills, some of which I didn’t place and in others I came close to winning. However I focused my time in doing photo shoots, since starting hair and makeup. I have been lucky enough to work closely with Lynton Crabb who is my photographer and a close friend of myself and my mother. He has been a mentor to me since I started 5 years ago. In all my photo shoots, I have collaborated the ideas and have done both the hair and makeup and nearly all of the styling. I really enjoy entering the Beauty Stylist competition because I love doing photo shoots. For me it’s like creating a piece of art.”

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