Amazing Hair Tape Extensions

Amazing Hair Tape Extensions Now Available

September 19, 2016

Amazing Hair Australia Tape Extensions use the most advanced materials to secure the extensions to your  natural hair with a super fine and gentle tape application. When applied correctly the extensions are totally undetectable and are extremely natural looking.

Each strand is hand applied to a purpose designed double sided tape that is ultra thin and nearly transparent.

Made from a unique blend of European and Mongolian 100% REMY
human hair, Amazing Hair Tape Extensions are superior quality and are consistently silky and smooth.

Suitable for all hair types.

The lifespan of the extensions is 1 year (with re-application every 6 weeks) with correct application and proper care.

Product Benefits:

Quick and easy application (as quick as 30 minutes for a full head)
Gentle on the hair
Creates a very natural look
Seamless application
Can be re-used
12, 20 & 24 inch lengths
Extensive colour range

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